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Lucky Dube’s murder throws spotlight on to crime in South Africa October 19, 2007

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Lucky Dube’s murder throws spotlight on to crime in South Africa – Times Online
In a recent interview Lucky Dube, predicted that he would be killed by the current South African government over his vehemnt criticism of their corruption and inability to even attempt to control the rampant drug-based crime wave and rape epidemic. If the shooting was an alleged car jacking, then why did the 3 atackers drive away in their blue VW and not take his Chrysler? The issue of ever-worsening crime has cut across race lines and led to unprecedented criticism of the Government of President Mbeki. Last year one government minister provoked outrage when he said in parliament that “white whingers” should leave the country if they did not like it. It was seen as a turning point because many blacks and Coloureds then added their voice to criticisms of the Government’s failure to live up to promises to bring crime under control.

For years the Government maintained that crime was not as bad as wealthy people claimed, but recently the statistics, such as 50 murders a day and one rape every 40 seconds, have begun to damage investment and alarm big business.


1. odey philips - October 22, 2007

The truth remains,Lucky Dube lives on.It is South Africa and the entire Africa that was murdered. Lucky Dube! Your legacies are immortal like that of Bob Marly, Fela Kuti, etc

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