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Post-Environmentalism September 26, 2007

Posted by tkcollier in Economy & Business, Enviroment, Science & Technology.

Outraged By the Same Old Rhetoric, Two Environmentalists Turn on Their Brethren
“There is simply no way we can achieve an 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions,” they write in their introduction, “without creating breakthrough technologies that do not pollute.”

Environmentalists, therefore, have missed a huge opportunity. Rather than being leaders in solving the global climate crisis, they are content to be doomsayers and scolds. What Nordhaus and Shellenberger advocate is what might be called post-environmentalism, an ambitious new philosophy that isn’t afraid to put people ahead of nature and to dream big about creating economic growth — neither of which environmentalists have been very good at. Their vision cuts across traditional political divides: It’s pro-growth, pro-technology, and pro-environment.

What if environmentalism’s emphasis on limits and “not in my backyard” restrictions was hopelessly at odds with the average American’s belief in a limitless future? With a handful of like-minded partners, they drafted the New Apollo project, the first version of their plan for a federally subsidized greening of the economy. They hired an economist to run the numbers and determined that a $300 billion government investment could call forth another $200 billion in private capital. (To prove their independence from traditional environmental politics, they picked someone who had worked for the Bush administration.) Switch Grass is a new technology example.


1. randeye - September 27, 2007

This article makes my car an obsolete antique!
My New Beetle is running on cellulose converted by termite enzymes,
and has the highest standing mpg for this month’s mpg. competition,
for a TDI with auto trans. From http://forums.tdiclub.com/showthread.php?t=188975&page=8

Originally Posted by kytsrf
Have ’06 NB with auto trans.
11950 mi on odometer.
fuel light came on at 736 mi.
filled car at 805 mi.
it took 15.45 gal. @$3.09 per.

that’s over 50mpg!
this car is a joy.

“WOW! That’s phenomenal mileage for an automatic, perhaps the best we’ve seen at over 52 mpg. Right now you’d be the top non-hybrid auto in this month’s competition, beating out several grizzled vets. What’s your secret?”
’06 Golf GLS PD-TDI 5-spd black, stock – 71K mi, 52.7 mpg max, 861.2 mile club, Mobil 1 ESP

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