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Powerball wife back in custody July 25, 2007

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Daily Independent (Ashland, KY) – Powerball wife back in custody
The wife of a Boyd County Powerball winner is back in jail less than a week after being released.

Shawna Edwards, 32, of the 3400 block of Elton Avenue in Ashland, failed a drug test, then failed to show up for a follow-up test at the courthouse, according to a motion filed by the county attorney’s office.

A warrant was issued for her arrest Monday, and Edwards was picked up by Boyd County sheriff’s deputies at her husband’s hospital room in Ashland, sources said. Thanks to Julie for bringing this to our attention.

Her husband, David Edwards, won $41 million in a one-third share of a Powerball jackpot in 2001. He took a lump sum payment of $27 million after taxes.

He married his wife, then Shawna Maddux, shortly after winning the money.

The couple have been in the headlines ever since, for everything from losing their $1.2 million Florida home to Shawna Edwards allegedly assaulting her husband with a crack pipe. All recent reports indicate the overnight millionaires have lost their fortune a scant six years after acquiring it.

David Edwards’ possessions were recently sold at auction, following reports the man was living in a storage unit and using illicit drugs.

Shawna Edwards was brought back to her native Boyd County from her residence at a Super 8 Motel in Florida on charges she had failed to pay about $17,000 in support for children she had prior to her marriage to David Edwards. She was released from jail in March but arrested in June after failing to appear at back-to-back court hearings.

The court found Shawna Edwards indigent and appointed an attorney to defend her.

She was released on an unsecured $7,500 bond last week in order to make arrangements to pay off her arrearage, reportedly through a loan based on a home she owns in Ashland.

Judge Marc I. Rosen authorized the release, though Shawna Edwards’ freedom came with numerous conditions, including that she not leave the state, that she reside at her Ashland address, that she be able to prove within 30 days she was making progress to pay off her overdue child support and that she pass her drug screenings.

If she was able to pay off her child support debt, the felony charge against her was to be dropped


1. Nancy - January 2, 2008

Why was he in the hospital? I hope he is okay. This has to be devastating for them both even though it was brought on by themselves. He did do good with that money, medical surgeries for others, etc.

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