Bush loves cheeseburger pizza

The Sun Online – News: Bush loves cheeseburger pizza
Chef Cristeta Comerford spilled the beans at an annual gathering of the cooks to world statesmen and royals. She said: “For dinner the President loves what we call home-made ‘cheeseburger pizzas’ because every ingredient of a cheeseburger is on top of a margherita pizza.

“For lunch he loves cinnamon bread with peanut butter and organic honey, with home-made potato chips and pickles.” She added: “But he’s extremely disciplined and exercises every day. He watches his portion control!”

Cheeseburger pizzas were invented in 2005 by teams on the American version of TV’s The Apprentice, who had to come up with a new flavour. Toppings include ground beef and cheese, ketchup, pickles, gherkins, fried onions, bacon and tomatoes. Pizza firm Domino’s now makes them in the US, and admits a large one has 1,600 calories and the highest level of cholesterol on its menu.

Cristeta was among 24 top cooks meeting in Nice, France. Royal chef Mark Flanagan refused to reveal the Queen’s favourite meal, saying: “That’s all she’d ever be given everywhere she goes.” Asked if he cooked for her corgis, he said: “Yes, er, no comment.”

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