Widow held in lottery winner’s slaying

Rio rages against accused ‘gold digging’ widow – World – theage.com.au
POLICE have arrested the young widow of a multimillionaire lottery winner while prosecutors decide whether to charge her with his killing, a crime that has gripped the country and generated public fury against a woman viewed as a ruthless gold digger.

Ms Almeida, 29, was the girlfriend of Mr Senna, a former subsistence farmer and butcher before he became rich. Mr Senna, who had part of both legs amputated because of diabetes, got around town in a motorised cart.

In July 2005, 54 year-old Mr Senna was the sole winner of a national lottery worth the equivalent of about $A30 million. He bought a sprawling ranch in Rio Bonito, a rural town 75 kilometres north-east of Rio, and married Ms Almeida.

Mr Senna’s family accused Ms Almeida of pressuring Mr Senna to change his will, removing 11 brothers and sisters as potential beneficiaries. Mr Senna wrote a new will leaving the money only to Ms Almeida and a daughter, Renata.

On January 7, two hooded men on a motorcycle pulled up to a bar in Rio Bonito where Mr Senna usually went for a beer, eight kilometres from his ranch. He was shot four times in the head, and the men sped away.

Five days later, Ms Almeida was summoned to a police interrogation and swore she was innocent. A furious crowd surrounded the police station in Rio Bonito and reportedly tried to lynch her. Police dispersed the crowd by firing into the air.

She has denied local media reports that she had affairs with other men.

“I’m innocent. What they’re doing to me is cowardice,” she told Rio’s O Globo newspaper after her arrest.

5 thoughts on “Widow held in lottery winner’s slaying”

  1. why would strangers murder this poor soul of a man she had something to do with it she wanted all the money for her self greedy witch I’m sure he gave her any thing her heart disired what a monster she turned out to be for her husban she should be in prison that is for sure for the rest of her life and never get out to see the day of light again !She will get new bracelets to wear silver handcluffs….Sleeping with rats while in prison is what she has eraned in her life time good for you be proud of your self honey……

  2. Apparently kim has never heard of punctuation. You’re sure that he gave her everything her heart desired? YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HIM!! It’s morons like you think people are guilty until proven innocent, huh?

  3. Goldigger????!!! Nooooooooo….not HER! Look at her pic! I can se a young “woman”like that falling for a 55 year old shit kicking dirt farmer that couldn’t rub 2 pesos together!!!!!!! Sure!

    Hope they fry the twat!

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