The other guys in digital TV

The other guys in digital TV | Tech News on ZDNet
Over the past year or so, a group of small companies–Vizio, Syntax-Brillian, Westinghouse Digital and Polaroid–have gained a greater share of the TV market in the U.S. than the name-brand computer companies.

Costs are kept low due to the company’s structure. Vizio employs only about 55 people in the U.S. and most of them work the customer support desk, according to Wang. There are a few additional employees overseas. “We like to keep it really lean,” Wang said. Second, Vizio sold TVs through Costco and Sam’s Club, although it now sells some models in Circuit City. These retailers, which are selling an increasing number of TVs, typically are looking for gross margins on their products only in the 10 percent range, said Young. Electronics retailers are looking for 25 percent or more.

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