DVD players finally outnumber VCRs

DVD players finally outnumber VCRs
Although DVD players dropped below the magic $100 barrier some time ago, they have only just caught up with the VCR, according to Nielsen. The media tracking firm says that DVD player ownership has finally surpassed VCR ownership for the first time.

During the third quarter of 2006, 81.2 percent of all US households reported owning at least one DVD player compared to 79.2 percent for VCRs. That figure marks a 6 percent increase in DVD player ownership from the same period in 2005, while VCRs ownership fell. It’s a far cry from 1999, when Nielsen first began tracking DVD ownership. At the end of the 90s, only 6.7 percent of households owned a DVD player, compared with 88.6 percent owning VCRs.

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  1. During 2006, many Bluray and HD DVD manufacturers must have expected their sales to pick up and gradually inch up to DVD’s levels and/or swallow whats left of VHS. Not so, it seems, what with tech expert CNet spreading the word to wait out the format war and see.
    Anyway, please let me toast 07’s innovators, not the least among them Oppo’s DVDs, for the region-free DV-970HD hovering near $150.
    But it was the Oppo DV-981HD that
    and ConsumerSearch.com agreed on.
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