Polonium-210 Undetectable at our Borders

In “the more bad new department”, Andrea Mitchell, who is the Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent for NBC News pictured here with her husband Alan Greenspan, reports that polonium-210 emits Alpha Radiation. Our radiation detectors at our Ports, Airports and Borders can only detect Gamma radiation.

Polonium 210 can be manufactured in any small research reactor such as those found in universities around the world. The single poisoning seems to me to be a wakeup call that polonium 210 is probably the best WMD in the world. Wikipedia gives the lethal dose as 0.1 micrograms, think of a Vitamin C tablet divided into 10 million pieces. When dissolved in mild acid, such as is in the gut, a lethal dose will produce about 10 trillion atoms which tend to permeate the body and leak out of the pores. If divided and encapsulated (think time release capsule) a small amount of polonium 210 could be weaponized to float on the breeze like anthrax, it would be undetectable, indestructible and any residue would lose potency after just a few years.

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