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An apology to slaves – from the catchers September 14, 2006

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An apology to slaves – from the catchers – World – insider.washingtontimes.com
Most books on the history of African slavery blame the trade on maritime trading countries such as Portugal and the Netherlands, and the countries where the human cargo was sold, such as the United States, Britain and Brazil.
The idea that some Africans sold their own people into slavery is mostly ignored. Ghana, however, has never shied away from it.

The project’s name is taken from the biblical story of Joseph. “Joseph was sold by his own brethren. He was betrayed by his own people, but eventually he prospered in the land of his own affliction,” said Mr. Hagan, of the Tourism Ministry. “He became prime minister in the pharaoh’s government, he became very powerful, and he went back and helped his own brethren who had cast him away.


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