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Netherlands ‘does most for poor’ August 13, 2006

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BBC NEWS | Business | Netherlands ‘does most for poor’
While the Netherlands led the pack on generous investment aid as well as measures to curb greenhouse gases, the CGD added they could work harder.

By contrast Japan ranked in last place due to a combination of factors including its low aid and high barriers to imports and migrants from poorer nations.

Meanwhile, despite the US giving the largest amount of aid that donation was the smallest in relation to the size of its economy.

The CGD added that a lot of the money was also contingent on the purchase of US goods, and so was in fact a “backdoor subsidy for American interests”.

America was also criticised for its handling of aid in Iraq with the CGD claiming that 90 cents in every dollar was lost to violence and corruption.

However, the country fared well on the trade front, ranking second after New Zealand as barriers to exports from developing countries are not as high as those from the other nations in the Commitment to Development Index


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