It’s war by any other name

Asia Times Online :: Middle East News – It’s war by any other name
This is where the Hamas Meshal-Hezbollah Nasrallah connection comes into play. Both leaders are clearly not interested in peace with Israel. Their views are mirrored with their two allies in Tehran and Damascus. Both leaders are unimpressed by Arab regimes that call for peace and dialogue – prime on the list being Mahmud Abbas in Palestine.

They believe, however, that war on two fronts would achieve one of two things. Either it would get Israel to show aggression, justifying their own aggression against the Israelis. Or a best-case scenario would be that a two-side war would break Israel. Either outcome, Hezbollah and Hamas are the victors. 

They are being aggressive with Israel so Israel can respond with similar aggressiveness – killing whatever dreams Arabs peacemakers have in mind. The same formula applies inside Israel, where many do not want room for moderation in Israeli-Arab relations.

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  1. there will always be WAR in the middle east..Has been for thousands of years and always wll be..Come home and let the little bastards kill each-other.. It is all part of the end times.They do not want Peace. Never Will Want Peace. They want to suck the life out of the world and cry rape and (GIVE ME).Come Home Arm ourselves and if ANY OF THEM LOOK CROSS-EYED AT US NUKE THEM. TAKE CARE OF AMERICA (FIRST). THEY HATE US..ONLY WANT OUR ONEY. THE RICH AMERICANS..

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