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This Fox News video has been circulating around the Internet. This pressurized electrolysis was fathered by Russian Scientist Kanarev Many scams have developed in the race for the new energy holy-grail to end the hydrocarbon age. Time will tell if Hydrogen Technologies Applications in Clearwater, Fla. really has something revolutionary. Tom Friedman has recently pointed out that American ingenuity will win out over giant government programs in the new energy source quest. “Necessity is the mother of invention” and here are some of them. What we don’t see are the huge research funds that mega-corporations have also been pumping into their efforts, but are kept under wraps to prevent industrial espionage.

In the meantime, while the price will rise from processing less-desireable grades of hydrocarbons, we won’t run out of supplies anytime soon. Industry consultant and author of “The Prize”, Daniel Yergin is dismissive: “This is the fifth time we’ve run out of oil since the 1880s”. Alberta is home to vast deposits of oil sands, grit mixed with oil. These are more difficult and costly to refine than conventional liquid crude. However, already in 2002, 178bn barrels of reserves from oil sands were added to Canada’s reserves, leaving them second only to Saudi Arabia’s.

In April, Venezuela announced that it was adding a significant chunk of its heavy oil – another largely untapped source that remained unexploited until relatively recently– to its reserves. These will allow its reserves to surpass those of Saudi Arabia, with enough oil to maintain its current production for another two centuries. Heavy oil already accounts for roughly a quarter of its output.

Disagreeing is James Howard Kunstler, the flamethrowing author of The Long Emergency. Still, the sooner that the hydrocarbon age ends, the better for the environment.

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