9/11 Loose Change, Michael Moore and the Convenience of Conspirancy

The Observer | Review | Chaos and cock-up always trump conspiracy
Alongside Hurricane Katrina, the tragedy of 9/11 is providing fertile ground for conspiracy theorists and the film industry. But this should hardly be surprising, says Mark Kermode. After all, conspiracies are comforting.

A worrying number of people still believe that the Apollo missions were faked.

Most of what the public knows about the Kennedy assassination is based on a string of excitably dramatic movies, from David Miller’s Executive Action (1973) to Oliver Stone’s JFK (1991), which viewers have mistaken for verifiable truth. (Debunked here)
In his new Movie on Katrina, Spike Lee will present that the levees were deliberately detonated, by the government.

In the ongoing tradition, the video 9/11 Loose Change helped force the release of another Pentagon tape of the Pentagon crash (Click on picture to view). The film appears especially popular among young people immersed in a Web culture brimming with sites that question the credibility of government. They see 9/11 as the defining moment of their lives.

A quick search of Wikipedia, produces a slew of carefully researched debunkings including a scene-by-scene Word document and whole web-site (9/11 Myths) devoted to different theories. The Loose Change Web-site tries to counter “the Government did it”arguments. The majority of the Muslim world blames the jews for 9/11 . Andyou can still see Fahrenheit 9/11 to add to your paranoid. But few will take the time to read the patient research. Instead we will be passively entertained by videos.

Conservative writer David Horowitz, a former 1960s radical, says conspiratorial thinking can offer a world view that is somehow less scary than reality. “Conspiracy theories are a kind of secular religion,” he says, adding that campus faculties sometimes encourage anti-government feelings. “People feel great anxiety … by the thought that nobody’s in control.”

People believe in conspiracy theories because the truth “is either too simple or too remote,” says sociologist Clifton Bryant of Virginia Tech University, who has made a study of “deviant logic” and behavior.

“We’re always ready to believe something about which we know nothing,” he says.”

Update –majority of young people believe conspiracy theory. Thanks Daily Show & the Internet?

Search for 9/11 on this site for more links, such as:

The Urban Legends Reference Pages, containing entries about conspiracy claims such as the put options, the alleged early arrival of FEMA and the Pentagon attack. The forum also contains some intelligent discussion of conspiracy theories.
This is a viewer’s guide to the documentary “Loose Change,” which contains many of the conspiracy claims discussed in this article.
A great general source for all manner of conspiracy claims.


4 thoughts on “9/11 Loose Change, Michael Moore and the Convenience of Conspirancy”

  1. Hi i was sleeping two nights ago and into my dreams came up 4 numbers 11, 12, 13, 14 why? i won’t say it but i tel, you something try to find them out i had already did it now i am kind of scary because i found a predeterminate plan to us for everything happened on 9/11 so that about will happen us from now on to 2012, if you have any idea just let me know.

  2. Search on youtube for a documentary named Zeitgeist. I do not ask you to believe on conspirancies but just observe the facts that are proven and make your own point of view. The whole nation is serving the bush family (and their friends) to gain a lot of money and power, it isnt a matter of religion or honor or anything else.
    It a matter of domination and modern slavery.

    Perhaps that the modern world with its 6 billion people and a limited area (earth) have to be naturally organized as a hierarchised society like bees or ants (everyone works for the queen), its paradoxaly the natural way to limit wars if a very powerful authority is controlling the whole world, minorities are scared and do not dare to face the powerful dominator. The US government has understood that, and they want to be this authority.

    Sorry for the human rights defenders but the problem with this kind of societies is that a human life has no value, a man can be assimilated to an ant, he could be sacrified for the interests of the dominators (and by the way for the society) like 911 victims (see the film Loose Change) or soldiers that died on the diffrent wars these last years.

    It is true that this system needs tools to manipulate people as poverty, entertainment, propaganda, fluor on toothpaste…. You must keep the eyes of the majority closed, let them live in their dreams and give them just a little of what they want. Let them study, but not too much, just for technological needs, and lets make studies expensive, reserved to rich persons in order to maintain the hierarchy.

    It was always like that, there is no reason that it chages but perhaps technology will change these considerations?? I hope so

    Ing. N.KADIK

  3. Phopchey complete the untied States is co side loose change to the rest of the world so is the conquer in kjv the one they don’t know his name i have live it

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