2 thoughts on “Was Stephen Colbert Funny?”

  1. I think he was absolutely funny and even more truthful. He did the right thing and I support him 100%. And the fact that the media wants to shun him for bringing to light so many things that should’ve been brought to our attention long ago is absolutely cowardice.

  2. I agree, Colbert’s stand-up routine was top-drawer political satire. The comment from whatever hack at Time.com wrote that seeing the performance as funny “has a bullying quality, implying that jokes which adhere to the correct ideology are hilarious and failure to find humor . . . is a kind of thought crime” is itself laughably inept. The writer does exactly what he or she purports to criticize – can’t laugh at a funny, witty routine because he/she doesn’t like the politics. Not that lovers of this administration aren’t already deservedly well known for having a stick up their collective butt and no sense of humor . . . or ability to dance . . . or to shoot straight (literally or metaphorically).

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