This would be the Story of the Century…

I was once fortunate enough, over dinner, to sit next to Dr. Pippa Milgram’s father, who had been an White House advisor to multiple Presidents. On that basis, I have been following his equally talented daughter. Her pedigree has given her access to many in-the-know. Just over a year ago, she drew my attention to the UAP (UFO) inquiries bubbling up; which have since burst into the public’s eye, during a bi-partisan House oversight Committee hearing this week. This is what she had to say on the subject on June 6th.

This is a roll out of information and disclosure. Word is that many other current and former US officials are lined up to roll out similar disclosures. The speed and depth will be influenced by the public reaction. If there’s only skepticism or ambivalence, it can easily proceed. If people have fear, things may slow. How will you, your family, your community, your country react?

Which way do you lean?

Awe and wonder or fear and ridicule? Leave a comment.

Almost a year ago, I wrote a column here on Anomalous Phenomena, a subject I had never expected to write about. But, many of my contacts from my days in the White House and the policy world kept nudging me to look into the dramatic policy changes that have been underway over the last few years. Sure enough, something remarkable has been happening. Congress has taken many steps to codify the new stance in law. This is pretty much the only subject where we find a truly bipartisan agreement. That alone makes this subject interesting. This new policy and legal environment is now yielding practical results.

To recap, under Senator Gillibrand’s leadership, Congress has now compelled the Pentagon, the Intelligence Agencies, and other parts of government to share what they have on anomalous phenomena with each other and ultimately with the public. The Director for National Intelligence, Avril Haines, has clearly agreed with Senator Gillibrand on the need to get the information out of secret programs and various government silos. The new legislation has specifically required the government to report on all anomalous phenomena that are not “man-made.” It has given whistleblower protection so senior officials can testify to Congress and even go public without risking jail for breaking their non-disclosure agreements. Investigative committees have now been established at The Pentagon, NASA, and among the intelligence agencies.

Last week, Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, the Head of the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), said this at NASA’s first public UAP hearing: “We see these [‘metallic orbs’] all over the world, and we see these making very interesting apparent maneuvers.”  “Orbs” are everywhere. NASA showed the declassified image of an orb over Mosul in Iraq. Within a few days of this statement, The US formally asked its closest security allies, The Five Eyes, for assistance in tracking and understanding what these orbs are and with regard to all other anomalous phenomena. Note that military pilots say they see a square inside these orbs, rather like the Vitruvian Man is encased on a square in a circle.

Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man 1490

Yesterday, it was revealed that a very senior and highly regarded US military official named David Grusch recently invoked the new amnesty provisions of the law and testified directly to Congress. He announced that multiple US Government entities have been withholding the precise information that Congress now demands from them. More specifically, he said, these secret and concealed “legacy programs” within “multiple agencies” have been “nesting UAP activities in conventional secret access programs without appropriate reporting to various oversight authorities.” The most challenging comment was this: “publicly unknown Cold War for recovered and exploited physical material – a competition with near-peer adversaries over the years to identify UAP crashes/landings and retrieve the material for exploitation/reverse engineering to garner asymmetric national defense advantages.” Note that his lawyer is Charles McCullough III, the original former Inspector General of the Intelligence Community appointed by President Obama. Grusch worked at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office and on over 2000 secret UAP programs.

This aligns with what I have learned from speaking to officials involved with these programs for many decades. Over time we will hear that such “physical material” and “craft” have also been retrieved from space.  The Grusch story is the first of many planned disclosure interviews that have already been prepared. The US Government requested that certain former government officials prepare formal disclosure interviews at their request. So, this is not about people opposing the authorities. It is about former and current officials working with the authorities. The decision to go public has been made, and now there is no going back.

This begs the question, why now? My theories are (and these are just theories): click on the 2 below to get to the next page…

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