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Great White Shark Becomes Dinner August 18, 2010

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(Pic: Courier Mail)

The great white was savaged after it got snared on a drum line – a baited hook attached to a buoy – near North Stradbroke Island, east of Brisbane.

The wounded creature was still alive when a crew hauled it onto a boat, close to Deadman’s Beach.

Experts said its rival may be 20ft (about six metres) long, judging by the size of the huge bites.

via Shark Mauls Great White: Fears In Australia After Shark Bitten Off Stradbroke Island, Near Brisbane | World News | Sky News.

Petting Zoo January 30, 2008

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When a 6′ Tiger Shark Bites Both Feet April 4, 2007

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Tiger Shark teeth are more like needles, than the typical “V’-shaped Great White’s teeth. That is why you don’t see the usual tearing of most shark attacks in these photos, even though the surfer was yanked off of his board, as he was paddling out. (Click on them to enlarge) From the bite pattern. experts estimated that this was a 6 footer. Here is his story:

sharked-foot3.jpg sharked-foot.jpg sharked-foot2.jpgMy girlfriend and eventual wife, Nat and I were in Florida visiting her family. During our stay the surf had been either flat or small, but on this day the surf had come up to overhead or better. We decided to watch the swell for awhile and wait for the tide to drop so the reef break in front of her house would build a little juice.

At about 10:00 am we put on our suits, waxed up the 6’2’s and walked the 2 blocks back up to the beach. Upon arriving, I slapped on my leash, ran down the beach to the water, and quickly began paddling through the soup as we had to go through about five rows of waves to get to the main peak. After three duck dives, I was about 30 meters off shore and still in white water, when I was grabbed from behind by my feet and pulled off my board, directly backwards. I was not shaken but was held for what seemed like forever, in fact, it was most likely two seconds or so. It was a shark…. (more…)

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