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Post-Madoff Palm Beach Blues April 13, 2009

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The last time he was here, he fell for a $2,000 pair of worsted spun cashmere pants, which the up-scale Worth Avenue boutique Trillion didn’t have in his size, and had to be ordered from Italy.After the slacks arrived, but before Mr. Madoff could come by for a fitting, he was arrested.

“I remember I heard about the arrest and I went directly to the store to charge those pants on his credit card,” recalls Mr. Neff, a fit, gray-haired man in perpetual motion. “But the card had already been canceled.”

So, what happened to the pants?

“They’re in the racks, over there,” Mr. Neff says, nodding toward the trouser section.

via Recession Pain, Even in Palm Beach – NYTimes.com.

Is This Why People Trusted Madoff? March 12, 2009

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Thanks to Chad Brisbane

Thanks to Chad Brisbane for this observation

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