World’s Tallest Palm Trees

Wax PalmsColombia’s lush Cocora Valley, part of Los Nevados National Park, is the principal home for the country’s national tree, the palma de cera, or wax palm. The lanky tree is the world’s tallest palm tree, reaching up to 200 feet tall. Photograph by Alex Treadway

via Cocora Valley, Colombia — Travel 365 — National Geographic.

One thought on “World’s Tallest Palm Trees”

  1. Wow, straight and tall as a telephone pole but much easier on the eyes. People will actually put on spikes and climb up palm trees to snag fruit and leaves – have you seen anybody climb these giants? This tree almost went extinct before the advent of electricity – its wax was used to make candles, its fruit to feed cattle and pigs, its outer stem to build houses and its leaves used for Catholic celebrations on Palm Sunday. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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