As The News Bopps Along

  • Obama orders no-fly zone over Wisconsin
  • Qaddafi, Berlusconi offer each other safe haven
  • House Republicans refuse to move clocks ahead one hour
  • Gap widens between richest, poorest billionaires
  • CDC fears shortage of March Madness vaccine
  • NFL sells lockout naming rights to Master Lock
  • Variety: ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ opens poorly in Japan
  • Week ahead: Obama to concentrate on Libya, NCAA brackets
  • Competitive eaters go on hunger strike
  • Qaddafi vows fight to last mercenary
  • Congress sparing no expense in trimming budget
  • IBM unplugs Watson after anti-Semitic rant
  • Westboro Baptist Church trademarks ‘the hate group you love to hate’
  • Escort agencies gird for possible government shutdown

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