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Why Athletes Choke September 23, 2010

Posted by tkcollier in health, Lifestyle, Sports.

A University of Chicago psychologist says thinking too much about what you are doing, because you are worried about failing, can lead to “paralysis by analysis,” a university release reports.

Paralysis by analysis occurs when athletes try to control every aspect of what they are doing in an attempt to ensure success. Unfortunately, this increased control can backfire, disrupting what was once a fluid, flawless performance.

“Highly skilled golfers are more likely to hole a simple 3-foot putt when we give them the tools to stop analyzing their shot, to stop thinking,” Beilock said. “Highly practiced putts run better when you don’t try to control every aspect of performance.” Thanks to John Milciunas

via Psychologist studies sports ‘choke’ – UPI.com.


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