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Teen Lotto Winner Blows $3.1 million August 30, 2009

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Callie Rogers, from Cockermouth in Cumbria, pictured with her chTeenage lottery winner Callie Rogers has confessed to blowing £250,000 on cocaine and said she should never have been allowed to spend her fortune at such a young age. Miss Rogers, 22, scooped £1.9million when she hit the jackpot in 2003 at the age of 16 and went on a never-ending spending spree.

In a frank interview she told how her drug addict boyfriend Nicky Lawson got her hooked on cocaine too and she wasted a fortune on the drug. The former shop assistant believes she shouldn’t have had access to her winnings until she was old enough to deal with her wealth sensibly.

via How teen Lotto winner Callie blew her £2m fortune – including £250,000 on cocaine | Mail Online.

Now back living with her mother in Cumbria, the mother-of-two said:’I honestly wish I’d never won the lottery money – and knowing what I know now I should have just given it all back to them.

‘I was just too young to cope with suddenly having that amount in the bank when I’d come from nothing.’

She told the News of the World: ‘In the past six years I have sunk into a black hole – a black hole that at one point I thought I could never crawl out of.

‘I was spending a fortune on cocaine, a nasty evil drug that tears your life apart. I’ll be honest, about a quarter of a million pounds of my win has been wasted on it.’

Miss Rogers said her drug-induced depression had caused her to attempt suicide three times.

On the last occasion in November last year her latest drug dealer boyfriend Ryan Thompson found her at home with her wrists slashed. She claims to have stayed off drugs since and is attempting to rebuild her life.

Her winnings have also gone on expensive holidays, homes for family members, designer clothing and fast cars. ‘I won’t lie, I’ve blown most of it,’ she said. ‘But do you know what? I don’t care. Because all that money has brought me is heartache.’

Miss Rogers said she had £20,000 in a bank account and ‘that’s about it.’

A child trust fund set up for her son was ‘raided’ by Lawson, but around £15,000 is left.

She said she is no longer taking anti-depressants, is having counselling and the support of family and friends is helping her to make the most of her life again.

‘For as long as I can remember I’ve suffered from depression.’

She first attempted suicide at 13 and winning the lottery made her mental health problems ‘much, much worse’ instead of better, she said.


‘Suddenly I went from having nothing to having more money than I could ever imagine, and I was only 16. Everyone all over the world was reading stories about me and hated being in the spotlight.

‘In hindsight I wish someone had taken the money off me when I won it and given it back to me when I was mature enough to handle it.’

Miss Rogers, who has a son aged four and a daughter who is almost two, said she was determined to provide a stable family life for her children.

‘I just want to provide them with the peaceful safe environment they deserve. They make me so proud and I want them to feel the same about me.’


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