The War on Drugs Is a Failure

The revision of U.S.-inspired drug policies is urgent in light of the rising levels of violence and corruption associated with narcotics. The alarming power of the drug cartels is leading to a criminalization of politics and a politicization of crime. And the corruption of the judicial and political system is undermining the foundations of democracy in several Latin American countries.

Mr. Cardoso is the former president of Brazil. Mr. Gaviria is a former president of Colombia. Mr. Zedillo is a former president of Mexico.

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One thought on “The War on Drugs Is a Failure”

  1. Your title is subjective. It all depends on which side the authorities want to win. Looking the other way can be profitable if there is no accountability. Don’t always assume that those in power are powerless to stop it. Some look the other way just because they can and they do.

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