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Who Buys What Around The World? September 10, 2008

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Interacative Map

If you live in Greece, Italy or Egypt, you’ll probably choose textiles over technology. Greeks spend almost 13 times more money on clothing as they do on electronics.

“Italians and other Europeans love fashion; the greatest designs in the world come from those regions,” said Todd D. Slater, a retail analyst for Lazard Capital Markets in New York.

If you live in Australia or Taiwan, you might be more tempted by a new laptop computer or flat-screen television. Australians spend only 1.4 times more cash on clothes than they do on consumer electronics. Click on the picture for a cool interactive map that shows their comparative wealth and spending on Consumer Goods around the world economy. Link to the original article below.

Metrics – Guccis or Gadgets? – NYTimes.com


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