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Technological Breakthrough In Fight To Cut Greenhouse Gases April 26, 2008

Posted by tkcollier in Enviroment.

Technological Breakthrough In Fight To Cut Greenhouse Gases
Scientists at Newcastle University have pioneered breakthrough technology in the fight to cut greenhouse gases. The Newcastle University team, led by Michael North, Professor of Organic Chemistry, has developed a highly energy-efficient method of converting waste carbon dioxide (CO2) into chemical compounds known as cyclic carbonates.

The team estimates that the technology has the potential to use up to 48 million tonnes of waste CO2 per year, reducing the UK’s emissions by about four per cent.

Cyclic carbonates are widely used in the manufacture of products including solvents, paint-strippers, biodegradable packaging, as well as having applications in the chemical industry. Cyclic carbonates also have potential for use in the manufacture of a new class of efficient anti-knocking agents in petrol. Anti-knocking agents make petrol burn better, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions.

The conversion technique relies upon the use of a catalyst to force a chemical reaction between CO2 and an epoxide, converting waste CO2 into this cyclic carbonate, a chemical for which there is significant commercial demand.

The reaction between CO2 and epoxides is well known, but one which, until now, required a lot of energy, needing high temperatures and high pressures to work successfully. The current process also requires the use of ultra-pure CO2 , which is costly to produce.

The Newcastle team has succeeded in developing an exceptionally active catalyst, derived from aluminium, which can drive the reaction necessary to turn waste carbon dioxide into cyclic carbonates at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, vastly reducing the energy input required.


1. James - July 29, 2008

1st: CO2 was NOT a ‘green house’ gas 10 years ago. Wake UP. It still isn’t.

2nd: In the initial report by the scientific panel established by the UN to study the apparent trend of Global Warming, the panel returned a report stating, “Man has no effect upon this trend.”
This report was rejected by UN vote. ( ? ) They were sent to perform “further study”. Three years and several million dollars later, the panel returned the final report stating “Man may have some limited effect upon this trend.” WHAT? What is all this bru-ha-ha about?

3rd: Check your US history JUST enough to view the famous picture of George Washington crossing the Potomac River. It’s full of ice, and commonly was in his day. http://www.freakingnews.com/George-Washington-s-Crossing-Pictures-38817.asp That river hasn’t been frozen in 150 years, and then just 1/2 an inch. This far predates the Industrial Revolution. Why are we trying to ‘solve’ or stop a natural phenomenon?

4th: You wanna reduce emissions? Spend a few hundred dollars and install a Water Fuel Cell. Duh. Here’s the skinny: 0.015 HP in (that’s 38 watts or 3.1Amps at 12 volts), 350HP out. Water in, Water out. Zero pollution. Wanna See? YouTube “Water Car”. Google it. Kits are readily available. The first patent application for this technology was 1935. But who can’t make money from use of water as fuel? Figure it out.

Get Smart.

Get off the Grid.

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