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Is It Pop or Soda? January 22, 2008

Posted by tkcollier in Food, Lifestyle.

The Pop vs. Soda Page

Click on this map to see the regional differences for what the locals call their “soft drinks”.


1. Oh, Mindy! - January 22, 2008

I had no idea that it varied so greatly! And now, I can’t think of what they say on television (the great cultural equalizer). So much pop! I grew up a soda girl, myself.

2. james - September 10, 2008

its pop, not soda, soda sounds gay as hell, only the liberals in california, and new york say soda, soda like hurts the top of your mouth to say, its pop all the wayy

3. TBD - September 11, 2008

… Excuse me, liberals in california and new york?

I’m a new york conservative and I say soda.

Clearly it’s not a conservative liberal split.

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