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Super Staph the New HIV? January 14, 2008

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Drug-resistant staph found to be passed in gay sex | U.S. | Reuters
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, is beginning to appear outside hospitals in San Francisco, Boston, New York and Los Angeles.

Sexually active gay men in San Francisco are 13 times more likely to be infected than their heterosexual neighbors, the researchers reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

“Once this reaches the general population, it will be truly unstoppable,” said Binh Diep, a researcher at the University of California, San Francisco who led the study. “That’s why we’re trying to spread the message of prevention.”


1. Marla - January 20, 2008

My heart and prayers go out to all.
Here in Fresno, CA we have another issue linked to the escalation in staph infections – illegal altering of sewer lines, which can be verified on city records; it is leaving a trail of lung/respiratory, asthma and of course, staph infections. Upon the obvious escalation in staph, the City of Fresno added more medical coverage for themselves, specifically, to cover staph! While instructing the public to “wash their hands.” MRSA is also airborne – how dare they do this to us. Is this nothing less than bioterrorism or even attempted murder!?!

2. Ocie Amarillas - February 6, 2013

Intestinal troubles after operation may be a indicator of a staph infection, according to the Mayo Clinic. Vomiting and feelings of nausea after surgical treatment may result from toxic shock syndrome, that is a serious problem brought on by widespread staph infection. Individuals who have a feeding tube implanted immediately after surgery have got a bigger chance of getting staph infections as a result of contamination of the tube.”

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3. Florinda Tidwell - April 3, 2013

This staph infection is deadly and can and does kill humans and animals. In fact, this very thing happened to Jill Moss’ most beloved white Samoyed, Bella. Jill lost Bella to this staph infection less than a year ago. It prompted Jill to take serious action and bring the knowledge of this deadly strain of bacteria to the world so that other pet owners and people would not have to suffer the loss she has. Jill has instituted the Bella Moss Foundation. ,

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