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The Ignored War January 8, 2008

Posted by tkcollier in Geopolitics, In The News.
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the Congoy is six years into a brutal conflict, in which up to 4.7 million people have died–the highest number of fatalities in any conflict since World War II. Or that six countries–Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Angola and Namibia–have been fighting proxy wars in the DRC, and helping to plunder the country’s tremendous mineral wealth to fill their coffers.

The commerce in these “blood” minerals, such as coltan, used in cell phones and laptops, cobalt, copper, gold, diamonds and uranium (Congolese uranium was used in the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki), drives the conflict. The brutality of the militias–the sexual slavery, transmission of HIV/AIDS through rape, cannibalism, slaughter and starvation, forced recruitment of child soldiers–has routinely been employed to secure access to mining sites or insure a supply of captive labor.

Today’s conflict profiteers are not the first to sponsor a campaign to ransack, rape, pillage and plunder in the Congo. A century ago, Belgium’s King Leopold II amassed a fabulous fortune this way. During the monarch’s genocidal reign of terror, when villagers couldn’t meet his impossibly high quotas harvesting rubber or mining ore, their hands were amputated and women were taken as slaves. By the time he was finished, an estimated 10 million Congolese, half the population, were dead. Thanks to Randy Marks -warning the article is graphic.


1. Matthew - March 7, 2008

the pic that i saw online of the woman being so brutally molested made me to think deeply of what was going on there, to the soldiers and the Congo Army, instead of protecting your people you hunt and take their lives when they depend on your support, you are a disgrace, and may you live to see your doings, Sis….

2. Hafc - March 12, 2008

This is simply beyond words. Africans, what arre we doing to ourselves for the love of God. This is sheer brutality and self loathing on the highest of realms. It is disgraceful, and i absolutely agree with the above comment. The soldiers, Why such inhumane activity… You shall indeed reap what you sow. No wonder they call us the ‘dark continent’.

3. RELEBOHILE [14] - March 25, 2008

what exactly is the use of what those idiots are doing???
i mean,dude that is not natural…. or is the latest form of evolution cannibalism??????. there are some things that one can say…ohh the did that for a reason…. slicing other people is stupid,senseless,unearthly… and y does all this stuff happen in Africa… I’m 14 and sooooo disgusted… is that the African dream.. to butcher people…. I DO NOT THINK SO

4. TC - July 5, 2008

That is the African way. They can’t keep blaming the state of their country on colonisation and the slave trade. They are a total disgrace and i don’t know why we bother helping them anymore. Africa is a hell hole. I am never going there for fear of being brutally killed and raped.

5. Africa - July 27, 2008

That ain’t the african way. Any human during starvation and civil war becomes a savage!!!! It is still disgraceful though. I am african, I’m not proud of what happens but there is a lot more than what the reporters claim

6. fafa - September 30, 2008

we can succeed as africans… our future is brighter then our past…the only question is when are we ganna learn that we need each other to survive why do we have to be the laughing stock of the world ? why… just why

7. Anysia - November 15, 2008

OMG ….Imaagine that was u wat would u have dne nothing right?? i mean what could you do?? but sit and get your privates cut WOWWWWWWWWWW….im black but that makes me never want to go to africa >>> EVER …..

8. chaz - July 26, 2009

it just made me horny

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