Python & Wallaby

Kimberly Fishing :: ABC Far North Qld
The picture shows a large Olive python capturing dinner – a wallaroo or euro.

Note the size of the python, which if you look closely you can see disappearing out the right hand side of the frame. How much more of it is there, curled around the escarpment it so beautifully blends with?

It appears that the wallaby is already dead but swallowing it will require an awesome feat of strength from the python – not only to drag the ‘roo into it’s gut but also to hang on while it does so. It’s a large python but it’s still an impressive display of the incredible physiology of these reptiles. Click more for a larger view. Thanks to JR


One thought on “Python & Wallaby”

  1. I’ve had a lot of snakes my self and when it comes to olive pythons every one showes the same picture i had my burmese eat rabbits goats and now pigs she is 18 foot long and as kind as a ketten now i have a olive python and would like for someone to say more about them what they like to eat and how big how big they get.

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