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Balconies banned in Turkey April 4, 2007

Posted by tkcollier in Geopolitics, Religion.

RichardMiniter.com: No Balconies
Turkey’s current AKP prime minister, from the ruling Muslim Party, routes almost all of the government construction contracts to firms where he holds a financial stake. Typical developing world behavior, I think. Then comes the surprise. She says that if you look at all of the buildings built by the state since the AKP came to power, you will see it.

See what?

“There are no balconies,” she says. Nearly every building built before the AKP boasts expansive balconies, which function as second living rooms for many Turkish families.

“Only windows. So the traditional women kept inside cannot be seen by the world.”

Or enjoy a moment in the sun, seven stories up. It is by such petty cruelties that the face of radical Islam makes itself seen.


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