An Environmental “Middle Road”?

The Reality-Based Community

In her latest column for the Boston Globe, Cathy Young, a contributing editor at the libertarian magazine Reason, picks up on an earlier post here about the reluctance of those most concerned about global warming as a problem to look seriously at reflecting more sunlight back into space as part of the solution.
I argued for a symmetry between environmentalist opposition to albedo-increasing efforts to fight global warming and religious opposition to using condoms to fight the global AIDS epidemic: between Al Gore and Pope Benedict. Young argues that distortions of the truth by those concerned about global warming are symmetric with distortions of the truth by those who deny that it’s a problem: between Al Gore and ExxonMobil. Whether or not I made out my case, I don’t think she made out hers.

The “Middle Ground” concept in the NY Times is also questioned here at the Real Climate Blog

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