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Dead birds rain down on towns half a world apart January 10, 2007

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Dead birds rain down on towns half a world apart | the Daily Mail
Officials are baffled by the unexplained deaths which have affected Australia and the U.S.

Three weeks ago thousands of crows, pigeons, wattles and honeyeaters fell out of the sky in Esperance, Western Australia.

Then last week dozens of grackles, sparrows and pigeons dropped dead on two streets in Austin, Texas.

As birds continue to die in Esperance and the town’s dawn chorus remains eerily silent, vets in both countries have been unable to establish a cause of death – despite carrying out a large number of autopsies on the birds.


1. Steve Grey - March 6, 2007

Go to Cheniere.com, look for a book title “fer de lance” and you will then understand what happened to the birds in both places.

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