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Impulsive Behavior Linked to Risk of Alcoholism January 4, 2007

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Impulsive Behavior Linked to Risk of Alcoholism – Forbes.com
The brain signal in question is linked with the inability to inhibit matters that are irrelevant, and it appears to be present in people who become alcoholics, Porjesz explained. “It may make them more vulnerable to becoming an alcoholic,” she said.

Porjesz also found that even non-alcoholics with impulsive behaviors have the reduced frontal lobe brain activity while doing tasks that require focusing and using the frontal lobes. “We see these same brain wave disorders in children who have attention deficit disorder and antisocial personality disorder.”

Although this condition is probably genetic, Porjesz is quick to note that poor impulse control is not a cause of alcoholism. “There is no alcoholism gene,” she said.


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