1 Missing Climber’s Body Found in China

1 Missing Climber’s Body Found in China | World Latest | Guardian Unlimited

A follow up on the top female climber reported missing in an earlier post.
The body was found at the 17,390-foot level on Genie Mountain, also known as Genyen Peak, not far from the Sichuan border with Tibet. The mountain is 20,354 feet high.

Unlike the case of the missing climbers on Mount Hood in Oregon, the search had been complicated because the two did not leave detailed plans and rescuers initially did not even know which province in southwestern China to search.

But a clue to their whereabouts emerged several days ago, when rescue workers found a driver who had dropped the pair off near the mountain on Nov. 11.

Boskoff and Fowler told him they would climb the mountain and that he could meet them on Nov. 24 so they could pick up their bags, but they did not show up.

Boskoff ascended six of the world’s peaks over 26,000 feet, including Mount Everest. She owned Mountain Madness, a Seattle adventure travel company.

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