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Cell Phone Carriers Target Hispanics October 23, 2006

Posted by tkcollier in Business, Life, Technology.

Cell Phone Carriers Target Hispanics – Forbes.com
cell phone companies and other technology providers that are increasingly targeting a young, tech-savvy Hispanic population – at 43 million, the fastest-growing minority group in the U.S. – that is expected to have $1 trillion in buying power by 2010.

Latinos, on average, used 979 voice minutes per month in the third quarter of 2005, trailing only blacks in that area, according to estimates by Telephia Inc., a consumer research firm. Asians or Pacific Islanders used 845 minutes and whites used 632 minutes.


1. Kevin - March 18, 2007

It is amazing that Hispanics are only second to using the most cell phone minutes. Cell phone carriers have been incredibly clever to attract such a wide range of ethnicities. Personally, I felt that Cell Phone Carriers primarly targeted white and black customers.

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