Michael Gerson on How 9/11 Changed Bush

Michael Gerson on How 9/11 Changed Bush – Newsweek National News – MSNBC.com
From those events, President Bush drew a fixed conclusion: as long as the Middle East remains a bitter and backward mess, America will not be secure. Dictators in that region survive by finding scapegoats for their failures—feeding conspiracy theories about Americans and Jews—and use religious groups to destroy reformers and democrats. Oil money strengthens elites, buys rockets, funds research into weapons of mass destruction, builds radical schools across Africa and Asia and finds its way to terrorist organizations. Terrorist organizers exploit the humiliated and hopeless—channeling their search for meaning into acts of murder—and plot, as London 2006 proves, to surpass the mad ambitions of 9/11.

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  1. After WW2 the Brits left Palestine and there formed a ‘statewithinastate’; they called themselves ‘The Jews’ and they thought they were the ‘PartyofGod’.
    Next door in the land of Hummus&Tabouli another ‘PartyofGod’ became a ‘statewithinastate’ ; they played CommunIslam.

    But, and however, The Lord does’nt throw small parties like these;
    Whole World is His Party. He plays a little Eric Clapton: ” You’re gonna reap just what you sow, guess that old saying’s True, you do bad to someone, that bad’s coming right back on you.” Wecome to TheParty!

  2. Randy has an earlier Post here under
    “Welcome to Air-conditioned box seats, Superbowl of World Religions”

    Also search for an earlier Post here under
    “God’s army has plans to run the whole Middle East”

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