Nesting Eagle Web Cam

Thanks to Adam Brown, wildlife bioligist, who says:

You gotta check this out…so cool, a close-up video of a nesting, the camera is in the nest with it, Bald Eagle in Washington State:

Since I am sending along web cams…here is a seabird research camera that is used by colleagues of our with FWS…this site is right off the coast of San Fransisco…the birds aren’t there in huge numbers now, but in a month it will be teeming. You can see if we are living in the fog or not…

It appears that the Hornby Island bald eagle eggs are infertile. But another successful nest is in their place instead.

Here is a link to nest in Harrisburg Penn. of 4 Periguine Falcon hatchlings.
Reasons for the Failure to Hatch:

We cannot be sure, why the initial Eagle nest in Vancouver failed. For Some educated guesses follow,Click here.

Check out the Seal Cam

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