Reactionary revolutions

Venezuela News And Views: Reactionary revolutions
No, the title is not an oxymoron.

I came up with it watching the news from France where for the first time perhaps in its history people are rioting in the streets to make sure that nothing changes. (C)havismo is very much a reactionary movement, a look to our past and a desire to go back to “halcyon” days that were never halcyon. In Chavez we have a caudillo, just as those who gave peace to Venezuela by imposing their will.

One thought on “Reactionary revolutions”

  1. I could not agree with you more. To live in freedom requires one to live with insecurity and uncertainty. Fear has taken the place of faith and the willingness to take risks, Politicians will exploit those who live in a state of fear by selling a bill of goods. the result can be seen in the state of european economy high unemployment very little productivity, a moribund economy…… In the case of Chavez, the Caudillo, who somehow finds Casto’s Cuba, a model of social justice and progress, more of the same……

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