My Ideal War

My Ideal War – How the international community should have responded to Bush’s September 2002 U.N. speech. By Christopher Hitchens
Although some early supporters of Saddam’s ouster have cut and run, Christopher Hitchens has stuck with the program. Here is his pre-invasion justification for why the dogs of war needed to be loosed on Saddam. Here he suggests that the United Nations just get on with it. On the eve of the invasion, he spelled out what could happen if the United States did not invade. Hitchens dismissed an article that claimed Saddam tried to make nice with Washington right before the invasion. In late 2003, he renewed his commitment to the war. Just when opponents of the war were beginning to gloat, Hitchens said, “Not so fast.” He’s even admitted to a few misguided ideas of his own. Two years into the invasion he explained why “withdraw” is a four-letter word. In January he had a hunch that al-Qaida might be the ones doing the cutting and running.

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